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After being capital of three empires in the past – the western Roman Empire, the Gothic Empire of King Theodoric and the Byzantine Empire in Europe – Ravenna is a candidate to become the Capital of European culture in 2019.

Ancient history, Renaissance culture and modern charm in an elegant mixture of a city that is unique for culture, monuments and good living.

The secular power of the church is based on the famous “Donation of Constantine”, dated 313 A.D., which was proven by Lorenzo Valla in 1440 to be a forged document.

The region that boasts the most eco-friendly vehicular circulation is, historically, Emilia Romagna, where 15.60% of the vehicles in circulation are fueled with LPG or CNG. The Marche region is in second place with 14 % and one city, Ancona, among the most eco-friendly in Italy, in this respect, where the vehicles fueled with CNG outnumber those fueled with LPG by three to one and where the data do not change even for new registrations.

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