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Sat, Dec

Dual fuel, or when diesel meets alternative fuels


In recent years it has been possible to fuel vehicles with gas alongside diesel fuel, which has long dominated the trucking world, especially heaving trucking, but also lighter commercial trucking, and that turns out not to be free of pollutions problems after all, as we have unfortunately discovered thanks to the news reports that came out during the months of “Dieselgate”.

Ecomobile met with Roberto Roasio, Alternative Fuels Product Manager of Ecomotive Solutions, a company of the Holdim group specialized in engine calibration, which recently obtained approval for the conversion from diesel to dual fuel of light commercial vehicles (vans and similar vehicles from 1496cc up to 3741cc, weighing less than 3.5 tons), up to the category Euro 6. The company, based in Serralunga di Crea (Al), is just back from a very particular experience, active participation in the Sea Terminals project, thanks to the conversion to dual fuel (diesel-LNG) of an RTG Kalmar crane with Cummins engine used to handle goods at the docks in Leghorn.