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Thu, Oct

Experimental with the VW Polo bio-methane fueled


Refueling with bio-methane does not differ from refueling with the fossil product.

To demonstrate this statement on the field, road testing was launched at the end of September. For this purpose the Consortium Company of Emilia-Romagna Art-Er, the multi service company
Iren and Volkswagen Italia, have entered into a collaboration agreement within the Biomether (a project that started the bio-methane supply chain in Emilia-Romagna). Volkswagen has made available three VW Polo Tgi , two of which are fed with the bio-methane produced by the sewage sludge plant managed by the Iren Group in Roncocesi (Re), while the third one is fed by fossil methane, and it is used as a comparison.

Enea has the task of monitoring the cars by monitoring their emissions (CO, CO2, total hydrocarbons, NOX), their consumption and the engine conditions. Three are the tests at this moment: at the start of the trial period, after about 15,000 km traveled and the final one upon reaching 30,000 km