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Thu, Oct

Tecno Nanni Galli, future with a past history


It isn’t surprising to see a V8 racing car competing in the temple of motor racing with its injectors spraying LPG into the cylinders. This is proposed by Mr. Fulvio Maria Ballabio, with a carbon fiber frame: Tecno Nanni Galli V8 Ecoracing. The company that created this supercar is Montecarlo Engineering, founded by Ballabio together with Carlo Chiti. The supercar takes its name from this successful partnership.

The Bologna team founded by the Pederzani brothers in the Sixties, is the glorious brand name of the Emilian driver who brought the Formula 1 caiman’s PA123 / 3 debut and triumphed in its class at the 1968 24-hour Le Mans driving the Type 33 Alfa Romeo. With this in mind, Ballabio developed a new sport car starting from a V8 Alfa Romeo, a 4,7 Lt 503 HP motor derived from Maserati, aka Ferrari. The main difference from the past is its green soul. In fact, the Nanni Galli car is LPG powered. The outcome is a mono-fuelled super-car that reaches 300 km/hr. The car was taken on a racing track in Monza during the Peroni Racing weekend this past June by Ballabio together with Oscar Comi and the evergreen Arturo Merzario. This team was ready to challenge traditional cars in the endurance competitions with a bi-fuel LPG/ethanol motor. The goal is to bring back to the 24- hour Le Mans race the V8 Alfa Romeo after 52 years.