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Thu, Jun

Award by Euro Ncap awarded to the Car2X system


The new safety technology developed by Volkswagen, the Local Hazard Warning system (also defined by the car manufacturer as Traffic Hazard Alert), has received the Advanced Award by Euro Nncap. This device allows the cars to communicate with everything around them (Car to Everyone - C2X): i. e. other vehicles, road, obstacles and objects on the roadway.

Thanks to its ITS-G5 technology, the cars equipped with a compatible system are informed of any potentially dangerous situations: any vehicle stopped on the road, accidents, the beginning or the end of a traffic jam, construction sites, and so on. Also it informs the driver if the vehicle in front of him has a safety system active (for example the emergency stop light on). The new Golf is the first car on the European market to be equipped with this system as standard feature, which is based on a special Wi-Fi wireless standard suitable for local communication between vehicles without using the telephone network.