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Wed, Jan

On November 8th, the European Commission presented a mobility package in which it proposes more ambitious targets for the average CO2 emissions of cars and lightweight vehicles in order to accelerate the transition to low and zero emissions vehicles.

“The G7 unanimously approved the final statement on climate issues. The topics on which we have reached an agreement are sustainable finance, circular economy, resources efficiency, marine waste, and commitment to Africa…

Despite the slow improvement in air quality, air pollution especially in European urban areas is one of the main health dangers which causes illnesses and, as stated by the European Agency for the Environment, causes over 500,000 premature deaths each year.

The National Strategy for Sustainable Development dates from August 2002, and specified four priorities: climate, nature and biodiversity, quality of the environment and of life in the urban environment; sustainable use and management of natural resources and waste.

Venice was in first place for the study of sustainable mobility in Italy in 2014, favored by the largest pedestrian area and the lowest rate of motorization, but also by its functional public transport, a good bike sharing service and the best car sharing service.

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