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Tue, Apr

Hydrogen, the agreement between Snam-Rina


Snam, one of the largest energy infrastructure companies in the world and Rina, a global player active in the field of testing, inspection, certification and engineering consultancy services, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

The goal is to start a collaboration in the hydrogen sector, in order to fulfill its great potential as an energy vector for the fight against climate change and the decarbonisation of industries. According to a recent study commissioned by Snam titled “Hydrogen Challenge: The potential of hydrogen in Italy” hydrogen could cover almost a quarter of national energy demand by 2050 in a scenario of extensive decarbonisation process. The agreement, signed by Mr Marco Alverà and Mr Ugo Salerno, respectively ADs of Snam and Rina, provides for the establishment of a joint working group dedicated to study and develop tests on the compatibility with hydrogen of industrial burners and other equipment already in use and to start experiments, analysis and scouting new technology in various areas related to hydrogen: from its production, storage and distribution.