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Mon, Apr

Natural gas in transportation in Europe


Ngva Europe - Natural & bio Gas Vehicle Association, has published statistics and numbers on the registration of gas vehicles and the development of refueling stations in 2019.

The numbers show a steadily growth in sales of natural gas vehicles and in particular of LNG powered vehicles (compressed natural gas). Also the corresponding refueling infrastructure stands out for its great vitality. In fact, LNG stations have increased by 50% compared to 2018, while registrations of heavy vehicles powered by this fuel have tripled. Also compressed methane gas does not disappoint. It records positive numbers. In fact, after a period of uncertainty that occurred in the first quarter of 2019, due to the unavailability of several car models on the market due to the new Wltp homologation process, Worldwide harmonized light vehicles test procedure, the registrations of CNG cars have regained vigor. Mr. Andrea Gerini, Ngva Europe General Secretary stated: The use of natural gas is the most economical way to start a concrete path towards decarbonisation throughout the multiple dimensions of the transport sector.