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Fri, Jul

The reservations for the Eco-bonus opened


On April 8th the platform where the citizens can apply for the contribution for the purchase of low emission electric and hybrid vehicles has opened on the page – ecobonus.mise.gov.it – (excluded from the bonus are the most widespread fuels with low environmental impact such LPG and natural gas vehicles).

Alongside with the Eco-bonus, however, there is also a tax: it will be applied to those people that purchase or lease a new M1 vehicle that will register in Italy. They will be required to pay a tax based on the number of grams of carbon dioxide emitted per km exceeding the threshold of 160 gr/km of CO2. The Ecogas Consortium has drawn up a proposal to amend the “Growth Decree”: with the transformation of cars engines into gas within 6 months of registration would entail a 15% cut in emissions, thus limiting the range of vehicles that must pay the tax and at the same time it wold reward the LPG and methane sector.

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