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Wed, May

Climate: What will change with Biden’s election?


After four years in the company of Donald Trump, Joe Biden’s term will begin next January, and he promises to have a significant from an environmental point of view. The outgoing president has always been opposed to the fight against climate change, so much so that he insisted that the US left out from the Paris Treaty and the final cancellation of the Clean Power Plan, created in 2015.

This plan was at the heart of Obama’s environmental policies. Biden, whose first pro environment proposals date back to 1986, instead prepared his own dedicated plan: The Biden plan for a clean energy revolution and environmental justice, which includes a $ 1.7 trillion investment over ten years. With regard to transportation, the object is to reduce the greenhouse effect caused by gas emissions by preserving and implementing
the current Clean Air Act, supporting the development of electrification, doubling the biological liquid fuels in the future, which will make agriculture a fundamental part of the solution to climate change. Advanced biofuels are now closer as we begin to build the first biofuel plants, creating jobs and new solutions to reduce emissions on aircraft, ocean ships and more.

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