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Wed, May

More Malus than Bonus


The year starts with a provisional law which is partial and not too incisive. Bonuses given for the purchase of ecological cars will offer a scarce benefit to drivers.

In fact, very few funds have been directed towards private transportation and the provision doesn’t take into account mixed fueled cars at all. A very contradictory message was given to the people. In fact, only a few thousand electric and hybrid cars will be granted the bonus/malus incentive thereby communicating the message that it isn’t so important after all to own a Euro 6 car of the latest generation. The provision doesn’t take into consideration the need to rejuvenate the circulating vehicles also with gas, LPG and methane fuel which have the important function to reduce the polluting agents. In this scenario, the unsolved mystery is to determine how much do electric cars really pollute, considering all of their life cycle, starting from their production to their final disposal, as well as the emissions produced by the electric motor itself or during the production of the energy.

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