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Wed, Feb

Time to review the year-end balances


Year 2017 is almost finished. The XVII legislation is ending. The Boon climate conference took place without going noticed. Smog is sufficating all of the major cities.

Europe calls for new emission reduction targets. After the “dieselgate” scandal, a consumer protection association recently tested three electrical car models that showed lower autonomy than stated. The National Energy Strategy set new goals for 2030 and supports the promotion of sustainable mobility. We would have expected a more explicit reference to gas autotraction which is one of those interconnecting technologies that can reduce pollution, favor employment and improve the economy overall. In fact, Italy is the world’s leader in the gas related industry supply chain : numerous production plants for conversion facilities, 6,000 workshops, nearly 4,000 LPG and about 1,200 methane gas stations (the latter being set to double in the coming years). It is unthinkable to do without gas: natural gas reserves are huge and important renewable products (such as biomethane) are foreseen using waste and biomass. Let’s not forget the successful gas + hybrid combination. It guarantees maximum optimization of savings and emissions. Given the state of art technology, starting from the refueling infrastructure to the cost-benefit ratio, natural gas is the most sensible choice. And for those who are not ready to buy a new car, they can take advantage of motor transformation.