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Thu, Jun

Car market, the awakening of alternative fueled cars


During the past August, in the Italian car market, we recorded 83.363 new car registrations, a 15,8% more compared to August 2016. We also registered an increment on alternative fueled cars.

Methane cars show a +2,1%, after a long negative trend (usually, as per last July data registered a 1,4% share of the car marked that increased to a 1,9% in August). Together, Methane and LPG fueled cars grew a +30% in August (9,1% market share) and the alternative shown a +43% (13% market share, with a 2,4 points more compared to August 2016).

We recall that the Italian market for alternative fuel vehicles is the largest in Europe, a position that was earned thanks to gas cars, for which it is in the first place while we are third for hybrids. The electric car market is slowly growing registering non significant numbers (a monthly average of 156 cars sold). Gas fueled cars continue to be confirmed as the real alternative to gasoline and diesel fuel, followed closely by hybrid cars.